Seattle Impressions

Posted: January 21, 2007 by Beth in Uncategorized
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Greetings from Seattle and ALA Midwinter Conference!

There are several of us from LSO here, and I hope some of the other folks will blog their impressions too (hint, hint).

This is my second library conference and my first ALA conference – and boy is it a change from Internet Librarian. The conference is HUGE (and this is the “little” ALA conference). Huge to the point of being overwhelming. I’ve had fun, but it’s harder to find my way around and to figure out what sessions I can get to and so forth. That, coupled with the fact that all of the sessions I want to go to seem to be scheduled at the same time, means that I’ve spent rather more time wandering around Seattle and enjoying the sights than I’ve spent in sessions.

I’ve been to a couple of really good sessions though. The OCLC Symposium on the social implications of social networking software was excellent, and although I’m not going to go into detail about the session, I will say this: If you’re at all interested in this sort of thing, you need to be reading danah boyd’s blog, apophenia.

The presentation on Social Software: Best Practices for Libraries was also good, and although it wasn’t aimed directly at groups like LSO, it did give me a couple of good ideas….

But even though I haven’t been to a lot of sessions, I still think it’s been worth it to come here, for an entirely other reason: Networking. I got to see friends I’d made at Internet Librarian, and I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of new folks too. I’ve gotten a couple of tips on jobs to apply for now that I’m nearing graduation, which is cool.

Oh, and I also got to play Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero at the ALA TechSource booth, and I’m making it a personal mission to get some of the other LSO folks to join the fun before we all come home. (Who says conferences have to be all about boring meetings?)


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