Harry Potter: Call for volunteers.

Posted: June 21, 2007 by LSO in Uncategorized
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Alicia has suggested in the last meeting that we be a part of the Harry Potter Book 7 release. There are two bookstores in Tucson that will be having a midnight release party. Alicia has contacted them to ask permission if we can join them in the release in a very casual way. No booth or anything. The book is released at 12:01am July 21st, so the release party is July 20th.

We would like to do the same thing in Phoenix, and we need your help. Please contact Jill and let her know your availability.
This would be a great way to get the Phoenix SIRLS students involved.

We also would like all of the distance/virtual students to participate in their city. Please let us know if you can get involved. Contact Jill or Meridith.

The general idea is to be there with our new LSO shirts and just hang out and answer questions about the LSO and why we are there.

So, please, get involved and volunteer. We need you :)


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