LSO Election – Spring 2009 Officers

Posted: December 21, 2008 by LSO in Miscellaneous

It’s time to elect LSO officers for Spring 2009! Please vote for one candidate for each position and e-mail with your selections. If the candidate has submitted an election statement, it follows their name. Please use your e-mail address and include your first and last name in the e-mail.

The election is only open to students currently enrolled in SIRLS. The identities of voters shall be held in confidence throughout the election process by the LSO election supervisors except as necessary to ascertain voter eligibility.

The election will close on Friday, December 26, 2008, at 11:59 pm.

LSO President:
Sho Ikeda

LSO Vice President/Treasurer:
Jacy Bell

LSO Webmaster/Listserv Manager:
Rebecca Bliquez

I have spent the last semester working to develop the new LSO website and have a lot of plans to update the current content and features to make it efficient, accessible and visually appealing. Please vote for me so that I can continue this work into the next semester.

Social Activities Coordinator:
Brenda Taylor

Virtual Student Liaison:
Leanne Armstrong

I have been a full-time virtual student for the past year while attending the University of Arizona and took some online classes from ASU while living in the Phoenix area. I am motivated and enthusiastic about helping virtual students create camaraderie amongst each other. As the Virtual Student Liaison, I would like to:

• Be accessible to students with concerns and issues regarding being a virtual student in order to pass the information to the school.

• Create a blog specifically geared toward those who will be graduating in May 2008.

• Set up a group rate at a hotel for students traveling into town and coordinate an open house at the hotel the evening prior to graduation. I would like to coordinate this event with the LSO and SLA groups so that all graduating students (and their families?) will be invited. Pre-registration would be required and probably a small fee if we don’t have the funds available.

• I have an idea of creating a virtual map that displays dots where students are located, then giving the students the opportunity to email other students through a gateway similar to Craigslist.

• Invite virtual student alumni to participate in blogs to share their thoughts and experiences.

SIRLS Policy Committee Representative:
Sarah Dahlen

SIRLS Curriculum Committee Representative:
Sarah Dahlen


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