LSO Meeting Minutes -September 25 2009

Posted: October 9, 2009 by LSO in Miscellaneous

Meeting start @ 6:05

Dave Langen, Kyle Willis, Yangyang Zeng, Niamh Wallace, Jacy Bell, Angela Merritt, Ian Finnesey, Molly Stothert-Mauer, Ramone Romandia, Danielle Walker, Chanel Wheeler, Tanya, Robert Talbert


~ Symposium Meeting; Keynote Speaker will be new SIRLS Director, reception will be catered, logo made, tentative schedule made, volunteers & more presenters needed, Presenter deadline Oct. 23
~ Banned Books week; check in w/ PLG
~ Clean up student org. desk area in SIRLS main office; Sunday 27th, volunteers acquired
~ Academic lib. Panel next Thurs. 8th ; male librarian needed
~ RUSA, history of librarianship; instead of paying RUSA, invite them as a speaker for the panel
~ Special Collections; Oct. 1 early cuneiform talks
~ Grad student arrested for making chalk drawings on campus to protest high student fees; possibly send some token of support, cupcakes. Consulting PLG

End of The Year Party? Attempting to organize.

Officer Updates:
~ “Hire Me” workshop: Sandy Kramer, Health Science, confirmed
~ Committee Reps check-in

Meeting over @ 6:55


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