LSO Minutes Nov 6, 2009

Posted: November 30, 2009 by LSO in Miscellaneous

Present; Dave Langen, Kyle Willis, Brenda Taylor, Tanya Hladtkey, Danielle Watkins, Robert Talbert

Refugee Health Fair; donated 22 toothbrushes, success

First Hire-Me; 9 people present, podcast up within a week

Second Hire-Me November 19 w/ Sandy Kramer

Meeting with Bryan Heidorn – discussed advising and advising feedback, possible exit survey

504 Dine-Around is Jan 3rd

504 Meet and Greet Dinner is Jan 4th @ 5:30

Officer elections: nominations Nov. 23rd thru 30th. Elections Dec. 7th thru 14th

Faculty awards: Nov. 30th thru Dec. 12th nominations open

Officer Updates;

Curriculum Committee; looking at moving more courses to permanent standing, looking at making another rural library course, health information to be added to distributed electives, making minor courses more available

Student – Faculty Lesion; one complaint about an instructor with no syllabus

Fundraising – percentage night at No Anchovies on University has agreed to 20% food and drink with flyers handed out beforehand. Tuesday Dec. 1st 6-8

Social Coordination – Dias de los Muertos, Sunday at Brooklyn Pizza. Sunday November 8th; Procession starts at 6, meet at 4.

Symposium Saturday 14th @ 9am; 15 registered, 9 presenters


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