SLA/LSO Meeting Monday, March 08, 2010

Posted: March 9, 2010 by LSO in Miscellaneous


1.Call to Order by Danielle @ 6:06pm
Danielle spoke about current job openings
2.Roll Call- Danielle, Robert, Sarah, Diana, Ramona
3.Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes—posted on Wiki
4.Officer Reports– Danielle: Nancy, Head of Federal Librarians Organization would like our school to do something. ASIST is having a conference in April. If that doesn’t work maybe some local people can do it. Workshop April 8th goes 9th & 10th. Any interest in nominating Tom Wilding for Faculty Achievement Award: Outstanding Advisor? Deadline 5pm Wednesday. 5 letters maximum
Treasurer’s Report
Budget: $2,185.19 current balance
Judy Register needs to be reimbursed for gas
Diana needs to be reimbursed for parking/coffee

7.Old Business

Faculty meeting (virtual) –
AzLA person, coming in afternoon of Wednesday, March 31st
8.New Business
Upcoming events: Tucson Festival of Books on campus
Other new business: Bumstead’s event coming up
Officer meeting with Heidorn Monday after break
9.Lislas REFORMA one day conference coming up


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