SLA/LSO Joint Meeting Monday, April 05, 2010 6:00pm

Posted: April 8, 2010 by LSO in Miscellaneous

1.Call to Order by Danielle Walker at 6:14pm
2.Roll Call: Danielle, Robert, Ramona, Sarah
3.Treasurer’s Report- African American panel: check written to participant for gas hasn’t been cashed yet
4.SLA President Robert- Jacy Bell’s Fundraising Binder, member applications, other miscellaneous items were brought in by Robert, turned over to Danielle
5.LSO President Danielle- officers needed for LSO and SLA. Joint secretary? Fewer meetings? Once a month and as needed
6.Old Business
1.Status of Federal Library Panel: too late
2.Status of AzLA recruiter: Saturday, April 17th, 3:30pm. Any librarians can come and talk about what they do.
3.Resume Workshop: Mary Feeney/Diana? More later.
4.Tee shirts: will re-order designs: Boot camp & SIRLS gone wild.
5.Bumstead’s Fundraiser: bring in prizes! Show up!
6.Graduation: Hosclaw hall in Music Bldg. Formal ceremony at 9:30am. Gowns are blue, hood has a white stripe. $65 for the kit.
8.New Business
1.Changes to websites. Need to discuss what we want, then go to Web Administrator.
2.Upcoming events: Danielle suggested for next semester student social w/faculty & alumni professional development volunteer/service work
4.joint events with other groups
3.Other new business: New application forms
4.Elections: will send out an email (both groups).
5.Faculty Awards: Best (?) f/t, p/t faculty. More later.
9.Calendar: next meeting April 19th 6pm
1.SIRLS Summit: This Friday at Sam Hughes
10.Adjournment: 7:35pm


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