LSO Meeting Minutes 2010-10-22

Posted: November 5, 2010 by LSO in Miscellaneous


– Officer updates
Treasurer – $2013.97 in account.
Tim – downloaded minutes of last meeting.
– Discussed formation of a main listserv or blog for all SIRLS Students, or a discussion board.
– Outcome of meeting with Mary Feeney & Leslie Kent Kunkel
Need to continue with LSO for ALA accreditation. Stop making money. Spend money. Get people into the club without charging them. Offer incentives.
– D2L professor announcements of club events
– Student listserv
– Presidential election
Discussed incentives. Gift certificates for Amazon for $75.00
– Election schedule for next semester’s officers
– Student to staff
– Optimum event days/times (Doodle poll results)
Best times: Friday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Saturday/Sunday afternoon
– Upcoming events: newly hired info pro panel?
Ramona and Brooke will set up a panel. For the 2nd week in November. Suggested some recent grads.
Lizzie Schloss resume and interviewing workshops?
Azul will set it up the workshop(s).
Add upcoming LSO meetings to your calendar (all at 5:30pm in the SIRLS multipurpose room):
November 19
December 3

Attendees: Ramona Romandia, Brooke Laughlin, Azul Gomez, Tatiana Hladky, Tim Vande Zande, Chanel Wheeler


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