Hello World!

Posted: February 9, 2011 by LSO in Ramblings

Okay, so I was looking at our LSO web presence when I came across this site. I am so glad that we have it, and that the power of communication tools never cease to amaze me. However, I really hope you are with me on this, when I read the minutes from the meeting I hear crickets. Granted I am one of the attendees of those meetings, and they are really a good way to have your voice heard. Yet they rarely provide good literature before, during or after long hours of working or studying. I do realize that everyone has a busy schedule, and that our online habits vary, but isn’t there something you would be interested in reading from us at the LSO? I have created an impromptu poll to find that out which is located below. Please check that out when you have a moment. If you are reading this which I hope you are, then please hold on a little longer and send us some feedback! We want you to hear music and not crickets. Thanks ahead for your time and please visit again! Thanks.


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