Where are your ideas?

Posted: March 5, 2011 by LSO in Ramblings

As many of you know the symposium deadline has been extended. Also, how wonderful to include faculty into the process. I for one would love to see the standard in how to present a paper or research. I am not sure we do that enough within the Information Resources and Library Sciences. Then again I am still a baby in this environment. Just think of the symposium as our own mini-conference. Is there any reason not to go? Also, if you haven’t submitted anything to present whether that be an abstract or a poster, why not consider it? This is something that gives you practice, and exposure. Maybe the hard part is deciding what topic to present or write about, or maybe it is about the time needed to prepare. I am totally with you when it comes to not wanting to look like a fool in front of anyone, especially due to being unprepared. One problem I see is that I have ideas, but not always the means or simply the energy to construct a viable offering of those ideas. Maybe I am a little shy to speak in front of a group as well OR maybe I am too overwhelmed with homework, family, job training, and a multitude of other excuses I simply cannot go into. Whatever the reason (excuse!) I thought it might be best to offer up some ideas here, and in this way you can then take off with them or go down a different path. It is your choice. So here are a few ideas to ponder, even if you do not present, but really if you have something interesting why not share it?

Possible abstract or poster ideas to consider with respect to Information Resources and Library Sciences:

  • What is the next big technological advancement, and what are the stepping stones to getting there?
  • Libraries as essential components to the educational system
  • Why is it so hard to sell the value of Librarianship?
  • Digital spaces, and Librarianship: Steering towards the future
  • What is the new “face” of a library customer in todays technology driven world?

Even if these are not so interesting to you why not suggest a few, and who knows maybe it will lead to something more. I do know that dialogue is important, because it draws out ideas that may not have been at the forefront of your mind. This way we can stir the pot of competing ideas and see what rises to the top. If necessity is the mother of invention, maybe it is about time we listened to her!


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