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A Message from the LSO President

Posted: October 19, 2011 by LSO in Miscellaneous

I just posted the meeting minutes to our webpage at If you are interested in finding out about what we discussed at our virtual meeting please see our notes. Better yet why not join us next time? We have posted our schedule on the SIRLS calendar as well.

Let me just say that I have been the LSO president for a very, short time. One of the things that I have tried to do during this period is to find more ways to get students involved. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to provide an environment that will support communication, communication, and communication! This is even more vital when most of your colleagues are distant.

I am pleased to say that the number of students who are participating this semester has increased since the past spring semester. Also, we have had so many ideas generated, that there is no possible way to accomplish everything. Further, the LSO would cease to exist without student involvement. One easy way to participate, for example, is to write an interesting article for this blog. We are always looking for good stories, lessons learned, or advice for students. I hope you consider doing this. Not only that, but there are so many things the LSO can do with the right amount of support from our student body. Did you know that we are considering creating a scholarship either for books or conference travel! HELLO! DID SOMEONE SAY MONEY! Not only that, but you can also gain valuable experiences that only can be obtained by stepping outside your box! Sometimes we need to do what is not entirely comfortable (within reason of course) in order to create worthwhile experiences for ourselves.

I am stressing all these points, because as I said earlier my time here has been short which also means… wait for it … that we will have our nomination period coming up (officially November 9th). The next round of officers will have the chance to be nominated, elected, and then they will take their new positions. Will that be you?


LSO Toothbrush Drive for Martha Cooper Refugee Health Fair
Start: 10/10/2011

The LSO will set up small, labeled boxes with one located at the Health Sciences Library and another at SIRLS. Our drive will last from October 10th until the 24th. Please consider donating a new, wrapped or encased toothbrush. Any donation will help to support the Refugee Health Fair! Thank you ahead of time for your help!


New Officers!

Posted: May 10, 2011 by LSO in Miscellaneous

Here is the new list of LSO Officers. Congratulations to all of you!

Elected Officers (Summer/Fall 2011)

PRESIDENT: Dolores D Pedroza


SECRETARY: Michelle Renee Vorves

WEBMASTER: Emily Hardy


BIBLIOTECH EDITOR: Stephan Przybylowicz


Michael Jenkins

Berlin Loa


Click to view the SIRLS Symposium 2011 raw footage:

SIRLS Symposium 2011 Link 1

SIRLS Symposium 2011 Link 2

We have also provided this information on the LSO Symposium website. Follow the link on this page in the sidebar if you would like to read more, there, about this past event. I have also provided the links to the videos above, out of convenience for you, if you are interested in viewing them. Even if you attended the event feel free to watch it again if you like. Thanks!

Note: If you have not used Elluminate Live! before, then a file will download when you click on the links. This is the file that will enable the video browser to open and play the videos. If you have any questions about the process feel free to email us and/or you can get an idea of how this program works at the Elluminate website here.

Symposium pictures

Posted: March 29, 2011 by LSO in Miscellaneous


Thank you to all the wonderful presenters at this past Saturday’s symposium. We have a few pics if you would like to see them. You can view them at this link:

If you have pictures and would like to send them please send them to the LSO at our email address:


LSO Meeting Minutes 2010-10-22

Posted: November 5, 2010 by LSO in Miscellaneous


– Officer updates
Treasurer – $2013.97 in account.
Tim – downloaded minutes of last meeting.
– Discussed formation of a main listserv or blog for all SIRLS Students, or a discussion board.
– Outcome of meeting with Mary Feeney & Leslie Kent Kunkel
Need to continue with LSO for ALA accreditation. Stop making money. Spend money. Get people into the club without charging them. Offer incentives.
– D2L professor announcements of club events
– Student listserv
– Presidential election
Discussed incentives. Gift certificates for Amazon for $75.00
– Election schedule for next semester’s officers
– Student to staff
– Optimum event days/times (Doodle poll results)
Best times: Friday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Saturday/Sunday afternoon
– Upcoming events: newly hired info pro panel?
Ramona and Brooke will set up a panel. For the 2nd week in November. Suggested some recent grads.
Lizzie Schloss resume and interviewing workshops?
Azul will set it up the workshop(s).
Add upcoming LSO meetings to your calendar (all at 5:30pm in the SIRLS multipurpose room):
November 19
December 3

Attendees: Ramona Romandia, Brooke Laughlin, Azul Gomez, Tatiana Hladky, Tim Vande Zande, Chanel Wheeler

1.Call to Order – 6:10pm by Danielle Walker
2.Roll Call – students present: Tim Vande Zande, 1st semester, interested in special libraries & digital archiving. Robert Talbert, SLA president, looking for officers. Kristen Cure, interested in public libraries. Diana Olivares, LSO Faculty/Student Liaison. Sarah, treasurer, interested in academic libraries. Danielle Walker, LSO president, academic or federal libraries. Nieve is interested in academic, maybe public libraries. Shawna Thompson, interested in public libraries, preferably tribal libraries in a consulting capacity.
3.LSO President’s Report – Social: Fundraiser at Bumsted’s. Prizes! Bring $. Percentage Night. LSO is donating 3 t-shirts & 1 membership. SLA is donating a flash drive, calculator/alarm clock.
4.SLA President’s Report – Hire Me Workshop on 2 days, 2 parts, 2 sites. A resume and an interview component. April 28th at 6pm (a conflict). Possibly May 5th for Interview portion? Food costs? Diana is willing to pick up some items from Costco & asking for reimbursement. Some items left from AzLA event. Robert will talk to Sandy about a time of 6pm.
5.Treasurer’s Report – Sarah: Sunrise Silkscreen says 50 shirt minimum order per design. Prices depend on color of shirt, number of colors in the design. Darker colors are higher. Bigger sizes cost more. Two week turnaround. Balance for LSO: $2,213.99. Sarah will look for a lighter color for “SIRLS GONE WILD” for a lower price.
6.Old Business
1.SLA status – renewed through ASUA but no new officers.
2.Networking site for ASUA can be joined. 5 people needed. Orgsync is a requirement. Calendar is what Robert feels would be an advantage.
8.New Business: Danielle
1.Semester recap – what worked? Joint events. Waste of efforts for own group to do big events. Share resources. Online notices seem to hurt. Joint socials. More events such as a Welcome Barbeque, Homecoming. Banned Books Week.
2.Other new business – tents? Pretty pricey. We can talk to Leslie about it.
3.Student Symposium – traditionally in the Fall. AzLA will be in November. Maybe move to the symposium to the Spring semester? More likely to get newer students to present in the Spring. Students can practice, then submit papers/posters to AzLA. Bring it up with Brian.
4.AzLA having a push to be active. Groups should keep in touch with them; use them as resources for panels, workshops. Ideas? LSO elections look good. Approve officers now?
5.Surveys show that face-to-face is what students want. Hybrid is next favorite.
9.Calendar – email for transition meeting for the outgoing/incoming LSO officers. Also a call for interest.
10.Adjournment – 7:32 by Danielle Walker