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Posted: March 24, 2011 by LSO in Professional Practices

LIS Interviewing: Do clothes make the librarian?
By: Ann Clark

Job interviews are opportunities to present your best self to potential employers and colleagues. Understanding professional dress, personal style and organizational cultures can help with presentation of self and the oh-so-important first impression. Below are some tips and resources on appropriate interview appearance.

This month’s Information Outlook is dedicated to Librarians and Their Image. Olguin and Stankus’s Dressing Like We Mean It article in particular stresses understanding the importance of dress and appearance in a variety of professional settings, from interviews to conferences.

Consciously or subconsciously appearance affects perceptions of professionalism, intelligence and credibilityDressing for that First Professional Interview and Beyond presentation.

Plan how you will look as carefully as you plan what to say. – Deborah P. Bloch, Ph.D., author of How to Have a Winning Job Interview

How to plan a look
Suzanne Morem’s 4-point clothing selection process (great for interviews and every day):

  • Who do I expect to see and meet today?
  • What do I want to accomplish – what are my objectives?
  • What kind of impression do I need to make to accomplish my objectives?
  • How will I convey that impression?
  • (more…)