Meeting Minutes

5/4/11 LSO Wednesday, Meeting Minutes-Taken by Berlin Loa

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm

In attendance: Dolores Pedroza, Chanel Wheeler, Berlin Loa, Marsha Jean Burrola, Michael Jenkins, Heidi Greathouse, Diane Daly, Karen Cowee (virtual attendant), Brooke Laughlin (virtual attendant).

Officer Reports tabled.

Dolores Pedroza, Webmaster, trying to edit new page on new SBS, probs with access, working with IT and Bruce Fulton for access, doesn’t have administrative access yet, discussion of web access privileges and transition.

Chanel Wheeler, President, symposium costs approx. $145 to cover all costs to date. LSO is the opportunity for you to take projects on as a leader. Great advantages for your resume and leadership skills. Chanel thanked the embers of the 2010-2011 organization for being supportive and working to make a successful org.

New boot camp t-shirts will be ordered to prepare for summer 2011 ($756); all 504 students will now receive “boot camp” T-shirts upon passing 504. They are purchases from Sunrise Silkscreen (located by 1702 Pizza). Discussion regarding how to market and promote T’s and make merchandise avail on website. LSO currently has many T’s available for sale – discussion of contest to design new T’s either via Graphic Design professors or promote via listserv. Discussion regarding how to promote T’s tabled until new officers take position.

  • Fave Adjunct and Fave FT faculty will receive certificates at graduation.
  • Bumsteads money has not been turned in yet; Diane will follow up with Rachel.
  • Most documentation is stored on Google Docs site; access to docs that address officer responsibilities, templates, etc.
  • Dolores will contact all with new meeting dates, etc.
  • Diane Daly will work with Heidi (VP/Treasurer) independent of meeting to transfer all the goodies.
  • Bank acct balance $2300 +/- will balance at a little over $2000 once all outstanding invoices are paid
  • Discussion of position responsibilities (Faculty, Curriculum and Policy advisor(s) as PR for students to/from faculty). Dolores will provide strategy and goals for new year and new officers.
  • Dolores interested in utilizing Google Docs and communication space for all to access; meetings will be focused on action items.
  • End of the year party at SIRLS SkyBar May 14th at 9pm (organized by Alyssa and Wanda). Diane Daly will be hosting a party at her place as her semester LSO project possibly on the same day – before the SIRLS event leading up to the event.

    Mary Feeney is club advisor, Librarian at UA Library, unable to attend.

    Discussion regarding the purpose and motivation behind the symposium. There seems to be a need to get more students involved; officers are always involved, but would like to see more students involved.

    Suggestion to tap into the ALA liaison for support.

    New Faculty/Policy Liaison reported that UA SIRLS is ranked 29th on national list of library schools, Austin is 17th, other universities out of state tuition is still lower than our in state tuition. Programs should be preparing students to publish in the field; many programs, including SIRLS do not do this.

    4/20/11 LSO Wednesday, Meeting Minutes-Taken by Dolores D Pedroza
    Time: 6:00 pm – 6:31 pm

    Attending: Dolores D Pedroza, Chanel Wheeler
    Online: Brooke Laughlin, Shannon Flores

    1. Officer Updates

    Secretary: not present
    Webmaster: Dolores discussed LSO nominations that have been received and reviewed overall status of website. Will go to SBS web training on Monday.
    VP: not present
    Program Coordinator: Present online, No updates.
    Faculty-Student Liaison: not present
    Alumni Liaison: Present, no updates.
    Bibliotech Newsletter Editor/Virtual Student Liaison: not present

    President: Chanel’s updates:

  • Discussed the changes to the LSO Constitution, and received approval by a quorum of LSO board members.
  • Will discuss Symposium in follow-up meeting on Monday.
  • Resume workshop cancelled due to low student participation.
  • LSO recognition through ASUA renewed until Spring 2012
  • 2. Meeting with Bryan Heidorn on Monday:

  • Student leaders to be paired with mentors
  • Students want commercial photographer, but too complicated and no money
  • Graduation gowns all gone
  • SIRLS Site transfer in progress
  • Faculty position, negotiated a deal and follow-up paperwork sent, now awaiting signature
  • Discussion forum, after Friday a google group will be created
  • 3. Mary Feeney, may plan on attending next meeting

    4. T-shirts need to be made to fill order by SIRLS for students of 504

    4/6/11 LSO Wednesday, Meeting Minutes-Taken by Amber Kleefeld
    Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

    Attending: Dolores Pedroza, Chanel Wheeler, Amber Kleefeld
    Online: Diane Daly

    1. Officer Updates

    • Secretary: Amber has no updates.
    • Webmaster: Dolores attended the OrgSync meeting through ASUA. It’s required to be a club. It’s only been around about a year. Dolores and Chanel discussed various pros and cons of using OrgSync.
    • VP: Diane says $2258. is the current balance in the LSO account. We are expecting money from the fundraiser and from ASUA to be deposited soon. Symposium costs will be covered soon as well.
    • Program Coordinator: Brooke absent
    • President: Chanel attended the ASUA club renewal meeting get closer to finalizing that process. Going to policy renewal meeting tomorrow. Chanel and Dolores discussed preparation for the election of officers.
    • Faculty-Student Liaison: Mariaelena absent
    • Alumni Liaison: Ramona absent
    • Bibliotech Newsletter Editor/Virtual Student Liaison: Danielle absent
    • 2. Upcoming Events: Resume Workshop and Interview Skills

      3. Officers present discussed the need for moving the Symposium to the Fall next year. More discussion is needed.

      4. LSO Faculty Award criteria were discussed.

      5. Constitution points of change were discussed. Position descriptions were updated to reflect the needs of LSO and changing technological responsibilities. Officers are reminded to write up a job description. Chanel will re-write according to what was discussed today.

      3/23/11 LSO Wednesday, Meeting Minutes-Taken by Amber Kleefeld
      Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

      Attending: Dolores Pedroza, Chanel Wheeler, Amber Kleefeld, Diane Daly
      Online: Brooke Laughlin, Tim Vande Zande

      1. Officer Updates

      • Secretary: Amber went to the ASUA Workshop on Membership.
      • Webmaster: Dolores is working on the website. She discussed some HTML issues with Chanel and Diane. Dolores will be attending the ASUA Workshop on Monday.
      • VP: Diane says no bank activity since the last report.
      • Program Coordinator: Brooke tying up loose ends on the Symposium. April 22nd in the afternoon for the resume review with Mary Feeney.
      • President: Chanel is going to the ASUA Workshop tomorrow.
      • Faculty-Student Liaison: Mariaelena not present.
      • Alumni Liaison: Ramona not present.
      • Bibliotech Newsletter Editor/Virtual Student Liaison: Danielle not present.

      2. Symposium

      • Cost: Dolores discussed various costs of the audio visual equipment. GPSC grant application written by Holly (on Symposium committee) to get funding for the Symposium. This is how the Symposium is usually funded. Chanel will discuss this with Tatiana on Saturday at the Symposium. SIRLS will contribute some funds.
      • Updates: Brooke says that there are no pressing needs at this point.

      3. SIRLS Clubs Presidents’ Meeting Chanel

      • She attended the SIRLS organization presidents meeting and notes that the accreditation process has begun.
      • Stragetic planning for SIRLS will occur in September and students will be involved in the process.
      • 42 graduates for May and 17 for August.
      • Faculty members are undergoing an e-mail switch that may cause communication issues temporarily.
      • SBS web migration–server is up and contact will be added soon.
      • Discussion of social media/online groups for SIRLS students.

      3/09/11, Wednesday, LSO Meeting Minutes – Taken by Amber Kleefeld
      Time: 6:00 pm – 7:10pm

      Attending: Dolores Pedroza, Chanel Wheeler, Amber Kleefeld , Brooke Laughlin

      Attending Online: Ann Clark

      1. Officer Updates
      Secretary: Amber will be attending the ASUA Networking and Recruiting meeting tomorrow. Dolores will attend the OrgSync meeting on March 28th and Chanel will attend the Appropriations Board meeting on March 24th. Chanel reminds everyone to bring the Tax ID number.

      Webmaster: Dolores says that Ann Clark suggested putting the information about professional dress,etc. on the blog. Chanel says that putting resource links pertaining to interviewing on the Resource Page.

      VP: Diane is absent

      Program Coordinator: Brooke notes that the deadline for the Symposium Presentations was extended, and they’ve received two more submissions. Chanel, Dolores, and Brooke discussed the logistics of streaming during the Symposium.

      President: Chanel has been in touch with Mary Feeney (Faculty Liaison) about resume review session details. This will be part of a mini-series of career related workshops that will include Ann’s professional dress presentation. LSO earned $46.00 from the Bumsted’s Bingo Night. Chanel sifted through open-ended answer data from the survey and created a comprehensive collection of graphs to explain the data. Data was shared at the meeting and will be shared with faculty. Chanel will look over the Constitution and officers will review it after the Symposium.

      Faculty-Student Liaison: Mariaelena absent.
      Alumni Liaison: Ramona absent.
      Bibliotech Newsletter Editor/Virtual Student Liaison: Danielle absent

      2. Review of Survey
      Representation of SIRLS students who are likely to participate in extracurricular activity:

      • Most are childless
      • Most work 1-20 or 35+ hours a week.
      • Over half are career changers.
      • 1/2 in library jobs currently, 1/2 not
      • People want to get together in person, but not necessarily to attend meetings.
      • People are busy with work, family, and school.
      • Job searching, job talks, and networking were popular suggestions along with face-to-face social activities.
      • The vast majority of those surveyed felt that networking was the greatest benefit of joining a SIRLS organization

      3. Suggestions
      LSO needs a template for what events happen at what time, especially those pertaining to networking and career services. The lag time that occurs with officer turnover prevents a more efficient addressing of student needs through events.
      Create an LSO Membersip Coordinator that keeps up with student needs and recruits active members.
      A stronger bond with the alumni of LSO/SIRLS needs to be made to create more opportunities for alumni to mentor students.
      The role of Alumni/Student Liaison should be developed to include creating this bond using resources such as the Alumni Directory on the SIRLS website.

      2/23/11, Wednesday, LSO Meeting Minutes – Taken by Diane Daly
      Time: 6:00 pm – 7:20 pm.

      Diane requested formal list of attendees at meetings today and in future.

      Present: Diane Daly, Chanel Wheeler, Ann Clarke, Dolores Pedroza, Brooke
      Laughlin (online), Tim Van Zandt (online)

      Bank Balance: $2258.00, up $468 from last meeting due to receipt of SIRLS 504
      T-shirts check on 2/11/11

      Dolores reported:
      –she is considering a video for students on the website; Chanel said it can
      include a tour of the school.
      –Someone in Phoenix offered to help with the website but Dolores decided to not
      allow access due to security and lack of personal relationship.
      –Blog is being updated, with Maria Elena. Diane suggested Amber might post
      links to it on Facebook.

      Chanel’s report of Meeting with Brian Heidorn:
      –SIRLS site transfer should be live within a couple of weeks, then both will
      run concurrently until the older site is shut down, by May.
      –Social Network for SIRLS: Looked into CATgroups but it is useless. Looking
      into others, including Google groups testing. FERPA requires the Members can’t
      see who is subscribed and that SIRLS must be able to add 40 at once. Dolores
      reported Google tech issues.
      –4 Faculty prospects were interviewed and Chanel made recommendations but will
      not know who was chosen untilt he hiring process is complete.
      –Graduation seems to be on the way to being out of LSO’s hands
      –SIRLS is pursuing at 3-2 progression for Bachelor’s/Masters. 504 will no
      longer be a prerequisite for all classes, though it will be for some. This may
      change. SIRLS is trying to make the program more flexible.
      –Dual programs with ASU are also moving forwared, including one involving

      Symposium is still receiving submissions and Tatiana is reserving an auditorium.
      Discussion then ensued at the meeting about encouraging students who don’t know
      what to submit. Mary Feeney’s Resume workshop was discussed.

      –Wanda contacted LSO about fundraising for a Native nation who experienced a
      fire on their reservation. It was determined that the project is not well
      suited to LSO because it is not library-specific, so Chanel will recommend
      other funding possibilities.
      –Surveys are still being returned. They seem skewed heavily toward Tucsonans
      (60 to 70%)and students who are single. (This in contrast to Tom Wilding’s
      estimate that 40& of SIRLS students are in Tucson and 40% in Phoenix.) 83
      results in so far, including one from Turkey and 2 from E. Germany.
      —-ASUA workshops – attendance of 3 will give LSO $100. She will email LSO
      officers a list of workshops and dates/times. These include: Event planning,
      Networking and Recruiting, Appropriations, WorkSync (Monday 3/28 5-6pm.)

      –Brought up discussion of how much of the outdated LSO website material should
      be archived. Ended inconclusively.

      LSO Officers Meeting Minutes – Taken by Amber Kleefeld
      Wednesday, February 9, 2011
      Time: 6:00 pm-7:20 pm

      In Attendance: Ann Clark, Geoffrey Ives, Dolores Pedroza, Chanel Wheeler, Amber Kleefeld , Ramona Romandia, Tim Van Zande, Mary Feeney

      Online: Diane Daly, Danielle Walker, Brooke Laughlin, Mariaelena De La Rosa

      1. Officer Updates
      · Secretary: Amber is using the listserv e-mails to post events to Facebook. She will absent next meeting.
      · Webmaster: Dolores spoke with Bruce Felton about updating the system. She will have to go with the format set up centrally. Chanel would like the ability to create a content page. Dolores will create a Google site for the Symposium archive material and the LSO page will only include current Symposium information.
      · VP: Diane says the balance in the LSO account is still $1790. Diane will send out an e-mail with all Symposium information to the IRLS admin listserv.
      · Program Coordinator: The chairperson elect for the AZLA Conference will be invited to speak at the Symposium. Non-SIRLS students will be invited to present and attend the Symposium. Committees are being created for the Symposium, and students are signing up.
      · President: Chanel (Prof. Heidorn says that he has no new update on Google CAT groups for SIRLS
      discussion groups. ) Chanel attended the Curriculum Committee meeting , and information is similar to the Faculty meeting minutes posted by Mariaelena.
      Email should be expected in a couple of weeks about our club status. The student survey is finished and should go out within the week.
      · Faculty-Student Liaison: Mariaelena e-mailed the faculty meeting minutes to Dolores, and they will be posted for viewing. (Minutes were read aloud at the LSO meeting.)
      · Alumni Liaison: Ramona—no updates.
      · Bibliotech Newsletter Editor/Virtual Student Liaison: Danielle will touch base with the previous editor, and will send out a letter introducing herself to the virtual student population within the week.
      · Faculty Advisor: Mary Feeney noted that students from LSO should look into attending the Academic Program Review in a couple of weeks. Many potential changes to SIRLS are being discussed. Discussion of resume review that will take place in April. Discussion of the importance of joining professional organizations and student organizations in the Information Sciences field. Discussion of the AZLA survey and challenges within distance learning.
      · Guest Speaker: SIRLS student Ann Clark discussed her ideas for interview etiquette and skills workshops. It was agreed that these would be held in April.

      Next meeting: February 23, 2011 @ 6 pm located at the SIRLS Multi-purpose room.

      LSO Officers Meeting Minutes – Taken by Amber Kleefeld
      Thursday, January 11, 2011

      Attendance: Dolores Pedroza—Webmaster, Amber Kleefeld-Secretary, Chanel Wheeler-
      President, Danielle Walker-Virtual Student Liaison and Bibliotech Editor (Eluminate), Diane Daley-Vice President (Eluminate)


      • USB stick has been transferred to Google Docs. Dolores will keep USB stick updated for backup.
      • $1790 in the LSO account. $50 discrepancy. Diane will account for this.
      • Preferences for the regular LSO meeting schedule include meeting after 6pm on a weekday other than Friday.
      • Programming will be postponed until a survey can be sent out to SIRLS students to assess needs. Polly will create a listserv this week and give Chanel access.

      Upcoming Events:

      • Feb 2: Curriculum Meeting. Chanel attending as an LSO representative.
      • March 12 and 13: Festival of Books. SIRLS requests volunteers to staff a booth.
      • March 26: Symposium
      • Approximately the 2nd Week of April: Mary Feeney will conduct a resume review session.

      Officer Tasks to Complete:

      • E-mail possible survey questions to Chanel ASAP.
      • E-mail any concerns or comments about curriculum to Chanel before Feb. 2.
      • Review the LSO Constitution for potential areas of revision.
      • Check ASUA site periodically to check meeting schedule. An LSO officer must attend at least 2 this semester to receive funding.
      • E-mail any ideas to Amber about the LSO Facebook presence.


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