I was looking at email when I ran across the digital newsletter from ALA, directed towards students, and I ran across an article about jobs. Well it was another blog written by someone named Tiffini Anne, and I felt it was something that needed to be shared. If you are like me, when I think about graduation and the potential to find employment my stomach starts to curl a little. In fact, I think you can hear it from where ever you may be. You know the sound, grumble, grumble, grrrr! Okay so maybe that is a little exaggerated, but I think you get the idea. Uncertainty is an uneasy feeling. So it was great to come across another person’s advice on what to do about it. I suppose it is the librarian in me that wants to share all the new things I learn with the hopes that someone else can benefit as well. Even if there is no benefit at all, there is no harm done. Having said that here is the blog:

TiffiniAnne’s Blog

I hope you find it useful and interesting. Also, if you have any other suggestions feel free to post them. We have an approval process for posts now, but please don’t let this discourage you from posting. We want to hear from you! This is only to ensure we receive intelligent, well thought out posts, instead of comments that involve &#**%&%#*& characters if you know what I mean. Of course you can use those in a carefully worded, well thought out intelligent way! It is the opposite that we will refuse. Thanks ahead of time for your patience.


Hello World!

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Okay, so I was looking at our LSO web presence when I came across this site. I am so glad that we have it, and that the power of communication tools never cease to amaze me. However, I really hope you are with me on this, when I read the minutes from the meeting I hear crickets. Granted I am one of the attendees of those meetings, and they are really a good way to have your voice heard. Yet they rarely provide good literature before, during or after long hours of working or studying. I do realize that everyone has a busy schedule, and that our online habits vary, but isn’t there something you would be interested in reading from us at the LSO? I have created an impromptu poll to find that out which is located below. Please check that out when you have a moment. If you are reading this which I hope you are, then please hold on a little longer and send us some feedback! We want you to hear music and not crickets. Thanks ahead for your time and please visit again! Thanks.

LSO Meeting Minutes 2010-10-22

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– Officer updates
Treasurer – $2013.97 in account.
Tim – downloaded minutes of last meeting.
– Discussed formation of a main listserv or blog for all SIRLS Students, or a discussion board.
– Outcome of meeting with Mary Feeney & Leslie Kent Kunkel
Need to continue with LSO for ALA accreditation. Stop making money. Spend money. Get people into the club without charging them. Offer incentives.
– D2L professor announcements of club events
– Student listserv
– Presidential election
Discussed incentives. Gift certificates for Amazon for $75.00
– Election schedule for next semester’s officers
– Student to staff
– Optimum event days/times (Doodle poll results)
Best times: Friday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Saturday/Sunday afternoon
– Upcoming events: newly hired info pro panel?
Ramona and Brooke will set up a panel. For the 2nd week in November. Suggested some recent grads.
Lizzie Schloss resume and interviewing workshops?
Azul will set it up the workshop(s).
Add upcoming LSO meetings to your calendar (all at 5:30pm in the SIRLS multipurpose room):
November 19
December 3

Attendees: Ramona Romandia, Brooke Laughlin, Azul Gomez, Tatiana Hladky, Tim Vande Zande, Chanel Wheeler

1.Call to Order – 6:10pm by Danielle Walker
2.Roll Call – students present: Tim Vande Zande, 1st semester, interested in special libraries & digital archiving. Robert Talbert, SLA president, looking for officers. Kristen Cure, interested in public libraries. Diana Olivares, LSO Faculty/Student Liaison. Sarah, treasurer, interested in academic libraries. Danielle Walker, LSO president, academic or federal libraries. Nieve is interested in academic, maybe public libraries. Shawna Thompson, interested in public libraries, preferably tribal libraries in a consulting capacity.
3.LSO President’s Report – Social: Fundraiser at Bumsted’s. Prizes! Bring $. Percentage Night. LSO is donating 3 t-shirts & 1 membership. SLA is donating a flash drive, calculator/alarm clock.
4.SLA President’s Report – Hire Me Workshop on 2 days, 2 parts, 2 sites. A resume and an interview component. April 28th at 6pm (a conflict). Possibly May 5th for Interview portion? Food costs? Diana is willing to pick up some items from Costco & asking for reimbursement. Some items left from AzLA event. Robert will talk to Sandy about a time of 6pm.
5.Treasurer’s Report – Sarah: Sunrise Silkscreen says 50 shirt minimum order per design. Prices depend on color of shirt, number of colors in the design. Darker colors are higher. Bigger sizes cost more. Two week turnaround. Balance for LSO: $2,213.99. Sarah will look for a lighter color for “SIRLS GONE WILD” for a lower price.
6.Old Business
1.SLA status – renewed through ASUA but no new officers.
2.Networking site for ASUA can be joined. 5 people needed. Orgsync is a requirement. Calendar is what Robert feels would be an advantage.
8.New Business: Danielle
1.Semester recap – what worked? Joint events. Waste of efforts for own group to do big events. Share resources. Online notices seem to hurt. Joint socials. More events such as a Welcome Barbeque, Homecoming. Banned Books Week.
2.Other new business – tents? Pretty pricey. We can talk to Leslie about it.
3.Student Symposium – traditionally in the Fall. AzLA will be in November. Maybe move to the symposium to the Spring semester? More likely to get newer students to present in the Spring. Students can practice, then submit papers/posters to AzLA. Bring it up with Brian.
4.AzLA having a push to be active. Groups should keep in touch with them; use them as resources for panels, workshops. Ideas? LSO elections look good. Approve officers now?
5.Surveys show that face-to-face is what students want. Hybrid is next favorite.
9.Calendar – email for transition meeting for the outgoing/incoming LSO officers. Also a call for interest.
10.Adjournment – 7:32 by Danielle Walker

1.Call to Order by Danielle Walker at 6:14pm
2.Roll Call: Danielle, Robert, Ramona, Sarah
3.Treasurer’s Report- African American panel: check written to participant for gas hasn’t been cashed yet
4.SLA President Robert- Jacy Bell’s Fundraising Binder, member applications, other miscellaneous items were brought in by Robert, turned over to Danielle
5.LSO President Danielle- officers needed for LSO and SLA. Joint secretary? Fewer meetings? Once a month and as needed
6.Old Business
1.Status of Federal Library Panel: too late
2.Status of AzLA recruiter: Saturday, April 17th, 3:30pm. Any librarians can come and talk about what they do.
3.Resume Workshop: Mary Feeney/Diana? More later.
4.Tee shirts: will re-order designs: Boot camp & SIRLS gone wild.
5.Bumstead’s Fundraiser: bring in prizes! Show up!
6.Graduation: Hosclaw hall in Music Bldg. Formal ceremony at 9:30am. Gowns are blue, hood has a white stripe. $65 for the kit.
8.New Business
1.Changes to websites. Need to discuss what we want, then go to Web Administrator.
2.Upcoming events: Danielle suggested for next semester
1.one student social w/faculty & alumni
2.one professional development
3.one volunteer/service work
4.joint events with other groups
3.Other new business: New application forms
4.Elections: will send out an email (both groups).
5.Faculty Awards: Best (?) f/t, p/t faculty. More later.
9.Calendar: next meeting April 19th 6pm
1.SIRLS Summit: This Friday at Sam Hughes
10.Adjournment: 7:35pm

SLA/LSO Meeting Monday, March 08, 2010

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1.Call to Order by Danielle @ 6:06pm
Danielle spoke about current job openings
2.Roll Call- Danielle, Robert, Sarah, Diana, Ramona
3.Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes—posted on Wiki
4.Officer Reports– Danielle: Nancy, Head of Federal Librarians Organization would like our school to do something. ASIST is having a conference in April. If that doesn’t work maybe some local people can do it. Workshop April 8th goes 9th & 10th. Any interest in nominating Tom Wilding for Faculty Achievement Award: Outstanding Advisor? Deadline 5pm Wednesday. 5 letters maximum
Treasurer’s Report
Budget: $2,185.19 current balance
Judy Register needs to be reimbursed for gas
Diana needs to be reimbursed for parking/coffee

7.Old Business

Faculty meeting (virtual) –
AzLA person, coming in afternoon of Wednesday, March 31st
8.New Business
Upcoming events: Tucson Festival of Books on campus
Other new business: Bumstead’s event coming up
Officer meeting with Heidorn Monday after break
9.Lislas REFORMA one day conference coming up

22 Feb. Meeting Minutes

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Discussed questions and comments for the ABOR meeting. SIRLS is requesting a fee increase and student groups support the increase:
* SIRLS is the 2nd largest graduate program in SBS.
* SIRLS obtains very little benefit from the UA fee and tuition hikes.
* SIRLS serves Hispanic and Native Americans.
* KR has 105 graduate students.
* SIRLS needs to stay funded so that it can stay accredited.
* The UA tuition and fee hikes will not benefit SIRLS directly.