Student/Faculty Liaison

Our spring 2011 Student/Faculty Liaison is Mariaelena De La Rosa. Here are the meeting details from the last meeting:

Staff meeting Notes – Feb. 9, 2011

New Faculty Hire: 3 more people coming to visit. All students are invited to attend their talks and to forward their feedback to Bryan Heidorn.

Denice Adkins here on Friday, 11th for a Brown-Bag Presentation; may become a candidate. The session will be recorded and made available via podcast.

Academic Program Review: Committee will be visiting SIRLS on March 1st. They will be meeting with several Faculty members throughout the day. Documentation will be compiled by the Administration, and made available for the committee. They may request to meet with students. If so, a request for volunteers will be sent out.

Curriculum: 504 status as a pre-requisite for all SIRLS courses will change. Policy & details as to which courses will be affected are still in the works. Recommendation is for it to remain a pre-requisite for 515. Change will be in effect this summer, when students will be able to register for two summer classes. Given the pre-term / post-term dates for 504, it will not interfere with the regular summer schedule of the second course taken.

Dual-Degree plans for IRLS- Journalism will be finalized soon.

Admissions: Applications for SIRLS are still coming in, and will still be accepted at least through April.

Knowledge River: Applications due March 1st. Application is now available online.

Technology: migration of pages in progress. It will take several weeks to complete.

DigIn: will soon start meetings to address the future of the program as the grant will end next spring. Possible joint venture with Journalism, similar to the agreement with regarding scholarly communication.

Recruiting: SIRLS & KR will have an informational booth at the Mall today, Thursday and Friday (late morning – lunch time). Seeking student volunteers to assist. Please contact Leslie to sign up. Discussion of the need for a SIRLS banner, including types and prices, was discussed. One will be acquired soon.


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